Trade Hair Supplies is proud to announce a new partnership with Recycle My Salon!

This is a new scheme that is now available across all 5 of our stores! You can now bring in your used empty items for us to recycle. Yes as easy as that! Simply bring along your washed used aluminium foil, empty tubes, cans and aerosols to any store and we will send them off to be recycled.


From Monday 5th September, we will have a Recycle My Salon bin at the entrance of every store for you to place all your used products.

Why did we decide to get involved in this scheme?

We as a company feel like we have a responsibility to do what we can to ensure that our customers have the option to recycle. Traditionally, this has been quite difficult for the hair and beauty industry. Especially as many recycling companies are unable to take aluminium products that have been used with chemicals in hair colour. So when we heard about the Recycle My Salon scheme we thought this would be great for our customers!

With an estimated 35 million colour tubes a year placed on the UK market and in addition 15 tonnes of used aluminium foil, we feel like we have to take responsibility to prevent this from going to landfill.

So what can you recycle?

YES – washed aluminium foil, used colour tubes, tins, cans and aerosols

NO – food, plastic bags, crisp packets, glass, coffee cups, tissue and kitchen roll, compostable and biodegradable, plastic film

If you have any questions about what you can or can’t recycle – please speak to a member of our team in-store!

What happens to the items I’ve brought in?

After you have placed your empty colour tubes, washed foils, empty aerosols etc it will embark upon a magical journey of transformation.

They are firstly taken to a material recovery facility where they are sorted. Metals are separated and go through 4 stages: shredding, decoating, melting and casting. Once this is all done they are created into large aluminium sheets which are converted into a diverse of items. This includes items for cars, bicycles, window frames and even aeroplanes.

So you are doing a good thing visiting THS and doing your bit for the planet!

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