Are you, or your clients tired of finding the perfect products for curly hair? Your prayers have been answered with Matrix’s brand new A Curl Can Dream Range. This collection took three years of research and development and we can see why!


About A Curl Can Dream Range

Yes, you read that right. The new range from Matrix designed for curly-haired women took THREE years of research and development. The team at Matrix tapped three diverse hair experts such as the Artistic Director at Matrix, Michelle O’Connor to help with this. They spent months and years testing more than 300 women and trying out different formulas to finally found the one that worked. This extreme dedication to providing hair care products that offer results is unique to the brand of Matrix.

This has resulted in a pattern-preserving haircare and styling system that is made up of four incredible products. Those curly-haired gals will love! These products are formulated to enhance and enrich your curls, especially when used together. The range includes a shampoo, mask, cream and gel. They are not just meant for curls, but for those with coils, too. It is also effective regardless of the texture of your hair – fine, medium, or coarse.

What’s In Every Bottle?

The success of the Matrix A Curl Can Dream formula lies in the ingredients used. The main ingredient is manuka honey extract.

matrix a curl can dream range

Cleansing Shampoo

This cleansing shampoo removes build-up and helps revive the curl pattern. 300ml at £7.00.

Rich Mask

This intensely hydrating mask helps protect the pattern of curls and coils and helps to revive the curl pattern.

Moisturising Cream

This moisturising cream helps to revive curl pattern and doesn’t leave flake or crunch. The Total Results A Curl Can Dream professional haircare range from Matrix is free from silicone for a natural feel, suitable for curls and coils and has been co-created with coil and curl experts. 

Light Hold Gel

Matrix’s A Curl Can Dream defining Light Hold Gel for curls and coils is part of a curl pattern preserving system* which is infused with Manuka Honey extract to help revive curl pattern. Apply the desired amount of Light Hold Gel depending on hair density, less for fine hair and more for thick hair. More product will yield a higher hold.  Allow to air dry or diffuse.

Matrix has ensured a high level of commitment to understanding different hair types and it speaks volumes about the commitment they put towards excellent hair care. Whether you have curly, wavy, or coily hair – you can guarantee that this range will help you cope with the most common hair issues.

Available in all of our stores, through your account manager and on our website. Click here to shop the full range.

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