Introducing NEW Niophlex Rebond by Idhair

Introducing NEW Niophlex Rebond by Idhair

Niophlex Rebond is a phlex-system designed to protect the hair from damage during chemical treatments in the salon.

It contains a powerful botanical protein complex that strengthens and rebuilds the
hair’s structure, making it strong and resistant to damage. By using Niophlex Rebond during chemical treatments, you can expect your clients’ hair to remain healthy and lustrous, even after the chemical process.

Niophlex Rebond acts as a protective shield, allowing the hair to retain its natural elasticity and flexibility. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to protect hair during salon treatments, Niophlex Rebond is the perfect solution.

Are you ready to rebond?

Niophlex Rebond is a phlex system formulated based on the demands of salons. The system repairs and renews the hair’s inner bonds and restores the hair’s natural amino acid polymers, which can be damaged for various reasons.

Niophlex Rebond can be used as a protective, reconstructive, and cosmetic solution with a variety of different applications.


Over the years, our first version of Niophlex has gained significant recognition and trust among many hairdressers and has been loved by customers worldwide. With Niophlex Rebond, we have upgraded and expanded the phlex system with a special botanical protein complex – ready to rebond the hair’s inner bonds for you when you perform chemical treatments on your clients’ hair.

Experience the power of the impressive Botanical Protein Complex in Niophlex Rebond – a key ingredient that transforms your clients’ hair! This groundbreaking complex is based on proteins extracted from nature and is tailored to combat all facets of hair damage. With Niophlex Rebond, you get the ultimate holistic solution to repair, protect, and strengthen damaged hair from the inside out.

Botanical Protein Complex is a plant-based protein complex specifically developed to focus on three core properties of hair: elasticity, flexibility, and the strength of the cuticle layer.

Its unique chemical composition allows it to penetrate deeply into the hair’s cortex, strengthening from within while forming a protective film on the hair’s surface. These properties work in harmony to strengthen the hair and protect it against potential damage from chemical treatments, environmental factors, or daily styling.

The unique ability of the botanical protein complex to evenly distribute moisture throughout the hair shaft ensures that each strand is protected and nourished from the inside out. Furthermore, it improves the hair’s fullness and thickness. It’s no surprise that this impressive ingredient is the cornerstone of Niophlex Rebond technology, making Niophlex Rebond the obvious choice for those dreaming of healthy, strong, and lustrous hair that turns heads.


1. Will using Niophlex Rebond require me to change my usual approach?
No, Niophlex Rebond seamlessly integrates with your professional expertise and workflow,providing you and your clients with a guarantee of protection and immediate, stunning results.

2. Can I perform two treatments in one day using Niophlex Rebond technical formulas?
Yes, where the hair structure allows.

3. Do I need to increase the processing time for technical treatments when adding Niophlex Rebond NO. 1?
No need to adjust your tried-and-true processing times—Niophlex Rebond fits right in!

4. Will adding Niophlex Rebond NO. 1 reduce the strength of a bleach?
No, the lifting power remains just as potent.

5. Is Niophlex Rebond NO. 1 compatible with all colour brands?
Yes, indeed! Niophlex Rebond NO. 1 is your versatile colour companion, but we can not assure all bleach powders due to the different ph-values.

6. What if I leave Niophlex Rebond Lamellar Water on for more
than 9 seconds?
No worries! Nine seconds is the minimum activation time but leaving it on longer won’t cause
any harm.

7. Can I use Niophlex Rebond Lamellar Water on the same day as hair
colour treatment?
No, it’s best to avoid using it on the same day. The product’s pH is higher than Niophlex Rebond Conditioner and Niophlex Rebond Mask, which are recommended for use alongside colour treatments.

8. Can I use Niophlex Rebond Lamellar Water after a bleaching treatment?
Absolutely! This product is perfect for detangling and revitalising bleached or highlighted hair.

9. Which is more suitable for fine hair: Niophlex Rebond Conditioner or Niophlex Rebond Mask?
Niophlex Rebond Conditioner is the ideal choice for fine hair, thanks to its lightweight texture. The mask, on the other hand, is better suited for thicker hair.

10. When should I use Niophlex Rebond Leave-In Cream?
This pre-drying product is the finishing touch to your Niophlex Rebond salon treatment, ensuring fabulous results.

11. Are there any Niophlex Rebond products available for home use?
Certainly! The new maintenance formula lineup includes Niophlex Rebond Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Leave-in Recover Cream, allowing your clients to continue the treatment in the comfort of their home.

12. Which clients should I recommend Niophlex Rebond to?
Niophlex Rebond is tailored for all your clients who desire technical treatments, accompanied by an extensive home care collection to ensure their hair remains stunning between visits to the salon.

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