Switch Up Your Shade this Season with the Top Autumn Hair Colour Trends of 2022

From luxurious coppers to 70’s shapes and tweed blondes, here’s what’s huge in hair this season, according to Head of Education at IdHAIR UK, Anthony Seaman.

Each season from Spring to Summer and now into Autumn and Winter, fashion catwalk shows come up on our vision boards. Giving us all the hair and makeup inspo we need for the coming months! Should you give yourself a mohawk? Finally Colour your hair red? The options are endless.

When it comes to a new cut, some colour changes or, even just throwing your hair into an upgraded ponytail. Models on the runway are giving us plenty of options and possibilities. We’re currently coming into the Autumnal season. 2022 is already more than halfway done, and we’re leaving some trends behind and starting anew. Here you’ll find our best hair predictions we’ve ripped from the runways and spotted on our fave models.

Luxurious Copper

gigi hadid idhairuk

As soon as we saw Zendaya step out with this bouncy blowout and beautiful copper-brunette hair colour, we immediately pinned it down as one of the top autumn/winter 2022 hair trends to watch.

Colour-wise, I think we are going to see more auburn colours, as most people want a warmer effect to match the season. Toning down their blonde or balayage pieces to more red tones. Such as caramel brown warm to match the mood of the season. To keep that expensive-looking shine that you get with new hair colour, be sure to use a regular hair mask to lock in the gloss.

We love Gigi Hadid’s deep-auburn take on the copper hair colour trend, which she’s paired with a stylish eyelash-skimming fringe. Here’s Anthony’s go-to formula:

HAIR PAINT 30g 6/4, 10g 6/11 & GLOSS 30g COPPER, 10g 5N

Tweed Blonde

blonde idhair

Much like the intertwining colours found in tweed, Tweed Blonde sees multiple shades of blonde weaved through the lengths of the hair for a multidimensional feel. After periods of uncertainty, people tend to embrace warmer, richer tones that are nourishing and optimistic. We’re seeing this trend transfer across to hair with clients embracing warm golden honeycomb tones post-pandemic. The beige-blonde trend has embraced a warmer palette with highs and lows of nude, beige and sandy tones. These warmer tones tend to reflect light more than ashier hues so will help the appearance of shine on the hair. Here’s Anthony’s go-to formula:

HAIR PAINT 20g 9/73, 10g 9/8 & GLOSS 30g BLUSH, 5g SILVER

Bronzed Wood

golden brown hair idhair

Shades of brown have dominated A/W 22 fashion week, with designers such as Chloé, Chanel and ACNE Studios displaying the versatility and richness of this hue. Bronzed Wood is a mixture of subtle caramel hues with darker neutral tones running throughout the hair. Think muted, multidimensional hues that add depth and movement to the hair. What really makes the Bronzed Wood shade, is the luxurious shine making the colour look rich and luxurious.

HAIR PAINT 20g 7/34, 20g 6/1 & GLOSS 15g COPPER, 25g 6N

Trending Hairstyles

70’s shapes

Seventies haircuts and hairstyles are still a strong hair trend for autumn/winter 2022. The ’70s-blowout’ look is becoming a popular style and haircut in salons. Many of our clients are loving the chunky bangs and blow-drys with loads of volume and a big bouncy curl to finish it off.

Un-done bun

Not just for working from home, a messy bun is a timeless classic and a welcomed antidote to the sleek buns we’ve been seeing of late. Hairstylists are seeing the return of the trend, too.

Bottle neck bangs

A nod to the ’70s hair trends that we’re seeing, fringes are big news for A/W 22 with bottleneck bangs making a great option. Fringes and soft bottleneck bangs will reign supreme giving us more of the much-loved ’70s vibes.

Do you agree? Have you noticed your clients wanting to go warmer? Thank you Anthony for the great tips! Don’t forget to follow him here.

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