Dia Color replaces Dia Richesse

Dia Color replaces Dia Richesse


If you liked Dia Richesse, you will LOVE L'Oreal's new and improved formula - which is now Dia Color


It's enriched with luxurious, natural origin ingredients such as shea butter, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid for beautiful, radiant condition. These new shades will infuse the best tonality into the hair, for stunning reflects and a shine that comes from within.

We know that change can be scary, but the switchover couldn’t be easier. You can intermix your existing shades in Dia Richesse with Dia Color, so you won't be left with any leftover tubes.

A new 60 ML format means you will always have your favorite shades to hand, and I have included some top tips to ensure you and your clients love the transition.



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