Matrix Light Master Bleach 500g

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Powerful, high-speed lightener with conditioning Pantehnol, which aids in moisture retention, and respects the hair fiber. Eliminates warm, yellow undertones to reveal clear, sparkling, ultra light tones. Creates a higher lift, even on scalp, and a maximum lift of up to 8 levels. Versatile and adjustable for every lightening technique. Formulated for enhanced performance with additives. Lifts up to 8 levels and compatible with the Matrix Bond Ultim8 System. 

The conditioning formula is enriched with Panthenol and helps to respect the hair fibre. The professional lifting technology in Light Master delivers lighter results, faster than ever because it contains intelligent light boosters. This releases oxygen earlier to give a lift that is quick yet controlled. The conditioning Panthenol means that condition is not comprised. The violet toner balances neutralisation of warm yellow undertones giving clean results.

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