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NSI nails take the lead when it comes to advancing accessible, stylist-friendly nail kits. Here at Salons Direct our NSI nails range covers dazzling glitters, extended files, acrylic powders, strengthened ABS plastic nail tips, smooth adhesives and much more. All of our enhancing items offer stylistic freedom, so it’s never been easier to magic an array of designer nails for clients - they all work in harmony to produce clean, chip-free, superior bonded nails.

NSI Glaze N Go Top Coat 15ml

NSI Rubber Base 15ml

NSI Easy Soak Bowl

NSI Attraction Powder 907g

NSI Large Glass Dappen Dish

NSI Attract Acid-Free Nail Primer 15ml

NSI Attraction Nail Powder 40grm

NSI Attraction Nail Powder 130gms

NSI Attraction Nail Liquid 240ml

NSI Nail Pure Plus 8oz

NSI Poly Bond Adhesive 1

NSI Nurture Oil 0.5oz

NSI Touch Tab Nail Forms

NSI Dura Tips 300pk (Sizes 1-10)

NSI Dura File 10pk

NSI Dura Files 150

NSI Dura Files 180 Grit Pack10

NSI Cleanse 237ml

NSI Attraction Sampler Kit

NSI Dura Tips Clear  (50 Tips)

NSI Attraction Introductory Kit

NSI Glaze `n Go LED Gel Sealant 15ml

NSI Attraction Liquid & Powder Deal

NSI Plush Brush

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