DIVA Air Curl Styler

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Diva Pro Styling introduces an entirely new concept in hair-styling technology with the introduction of the Air Curl. This brand-new curling system provides heat and wave fixing technology in one lightweight, easy to use tool, to give quick, long-lasting fixed curls for all hair types. Real innovation for stylists’ kit bags!

Wind hair around the Macadamia, Argan, and Keratin oil-infused heated barrel for a quick curl, using the cool tip for maneuverability. With a temperature range from 110°C to 210°C, any type of wave or curl is easily achieved.

Once hair is wound around the barrel, use the cold shot button to release cool air from the fan vents surrounding the base of the Tong. The cool air is gently blown around the barrel and over the hair to reduce the temperature, fixing the curl in place, and creating a longer-lasting result.

This curl system requires less, and lower, heat to fix curls and waves, making it gentler, kinder hairstyling and fixing in one elegant tool.

Item code: E211/01
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