What is a NioBomb?

A NioBomb is something we mention a lot on social media, so we wanted to talk about this fabulous treatment and answer the question of ‘What is a NioBomb?’.

First off let’s get into what a NioBomb is. A NioBomb is a colour pigmented treatment for your clients to take home. These are the perfect way to keep your clients colour strong, healthy and full of shine between appointments.

A NioBomb is created using a combination of two IdHAIR products, Colour Bomb and Niophlex No.3:

Colour Bomb

IdHAIR Colour Bomb is a new generation of colour conditioners for long lasting, creative freedom. A one step process that nourishes and intensifies the colour of the client’s hair at the same time. The range includes 22 shades of direct dye, from more natural shades like Caffe Latte to the more vivid shades like Crazy Violet and Power Pink.

Colour Bomb can be used both as a colour refresher or a semi-colour.


  • Strengthens the hair
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves shine
  • Heat protection against thermal damage
  • Prolongs the life of hair treatments
  • Dramatically reduces colour bleeding
  • Prevents colour distortion

Niophlex No.3

Niophlex is a phlex step system designed for protecting the hair against damage, making it strong and more resistant, even as you are doing your colour or chemical treatment in the salon.

IdHAIR Niophlex Maintainer No.03 is the final step in the Niophlex treatment. This is a home treatment that is used twice a week to maintain the salon treatment. It softens, strengthens, makes the hair smooth and gives plenty of shine.


  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting results
  • Deposits fabulous tone
  • Conditions and adds shine
  • Maintains colour
  • Rehydrates the hair
  • Adds amazing gloss and vibrancy

Making A NioBomb

Niophlex plus Colourbomb

Mix your own NioBomb using 150g of Niophlex No.3 with 100g of your chosen Colour Bomb.

NioBomb pots can maintain clients hair at home, from the softest blonde to the most vibrant red and everything in between, each one being bespoke to your client’s needs.

IdHAIR UK products are exclusive to Trade Hairs Supplies and can be purchased through your sales representative, local branch or through our online shop.

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