Say hello to IdHAIR UK’s Identity Collection

IdHAIR UK has been working on something BIG for the last few months…

And today we can finally unveil their Identity collection! 6 jaw-dropping signature looks crafted with their bestselling products by hairdressers, for hairdressers.

🌿 Vegan friendly

🌿 Natural ingredients

🌿 Sustainable packaging

🌿 Pure results

Championing tomorrow’s hair, today

Watch the official video above.

Back in March, we organised a photo shoot with 6 models, 4 hairdressers, 1 makeup artist, 1 stylist, 1 photographer and 1 videographer. Finally, on 6 June we can reveal the signature looks and IdHAIR UK’s new identity.

Take a look at the models below and the formulas so you can recreate them!

Use #IdHAIRUKIdentity to share the signature looks…


A truly beautiful blonde using our bestselling Hair Paint range. Apply 30g bleach me power+ with 60g 10vol booster in a seamless highlight alternating fine slices with textured weaves. Apply smoky steel 45g 7/11 + 5g 0/18 + 75g 10vol booster to the regrowth area blending into pewter 45g 10/11 + 5g 9/38 + 100g 5vol booster to create a seamless transition.


Enhance colour in only 20 minutes with our Colourbomb range. Create this gorgeous copper using 40g Sweet Toffee and 40g Spicy Curry.

Antique Oak & Honey Blonde

Create a seamless money piece using 30g bleach me power+ with 60g 5 vol booster. Apply antique oak 40g 8/03 + 5g 7/4 with 45g 10vol booster to the remaining hair. Using honey blonde 13g 9/38 + 2g 7/4 + 30g 5 vol booster as a toner to add warmth and brightness to your money piece. 

Espresso & Taupe

Create this rich and glossy brunette utilising Hair Paint Free. Apply 40g 4/0 + 60g of 10vol booster to the re-growth then using a colour melting technique apply 40g 7/78 + 60g 10vol booster to the mid-lengths and ends.

Hessian & Honey Blonde

Create this lived-in blonde with seamless highlights using 20g bleach me power+ with 40g 5vol booster. Apply hessian 20g 7n + 30g gloss activator to the regrowth area blending into honey blonde 5g 9np + 10g 9n + 10g apricot with 50g gloss activator from mid-lengths to ends to create a lived-in rooted blonde. 

Mulberry & Berry Red

Apply rioja red 30g 5/6 + 30g 10vol booster to the regrowth. Alternate berry red 30g 6/66+ 5g RED INK +35g 20 vol, mulberry 30g 6/88 + 5g RED INK + 35g 20vol booster and magenta 30g6/88 +5g VIOLET INK + 35g 20vol booster create a dimensional colour melt. 

Follow our socials to see all the looks and much more! We hope you love the Identity Collection just as much as we do.

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