Matrix So Much to Love with our Vegan* Colour

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Did you know Matrix SoColor and SoColor Sync ranges are vegan*?

Our vegan products do not contain animal-derived ingredients and the ingredients are not manufactured using any animal-derived ingredients.

Discover the Pre-Bonded SoColor and SoColor Sync now!

What does Pre-Bonded mean?

Damage is one of the top concerns for clients when it comes to colouring hair. With our SoColor and SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded formulas, you can confidently help all your clients achieve their hair goals without the fear of damage.

Our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate protects the inner hair structure, by preserving the integrity of even the weakest hair fibres, colour after colour**. The unique blend of taurine and cationic polymers act as an internal bond-support system during the colouring process. The concentrate has a linear network of positive charges that binds to negatively charged areas of damage in the hair. This means our formula reinforces and repairs the weakened bonds within the sensitised cortex, throughout the colouring process.

matrix vegan socolor

Our Colour is for All Hair Types

Matrix is rooted in professional haircare expertise and formulas, for ALL. 

All hair types, all colours, all textures, and all genders are welcome.

Education for Everyone

We strongly believe that Education is the key to success and that you can never stop learning in life. We prioritise keeping you upskilled in your areas of interest and up to date with the latest Matrix product knowledge.

Take control of your own milestone journey with Matrix, where everyone is welcome! From newbies to seasoned pros, for every business model and professional, discover education to suit your time frame and pocket size.

Check out Trade Hair Supplies’ socials to find out the 2023 courses and how to book on.

*Vegan Formulas: no animal-derived ingredients

**Assessed after 7 applications on sensitised hair.

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