New Matrix Light Master 6 Lift And Tone

Matrix have been killing I with their launches this year, even with all the lows 2020 have brought us. With brand new products such as; the SoColor Cult Eraser, stunning new SoColor Beauty shades and the rebranding of the ever popular ColorGraphic Range – Matrix really have been treating us.

Light Master 6 Lift & Tone is the new look for the popular Matrix ColorGraphics. With its fresh and clean look, the new Lift & Tone range slots nicely into the Light Master range – incorporating a unique highlighting system which lifts up to 6 levels.

With a rich conditioning effect, you can create multi-tonal bespoke highlights. It also features an anti-swell formula, perfect for colour control.

You can Lift & Tone in one simple step, using the Lightening Powder as a system with Lift + Tone promoters.

In a hurry? No problem! Use Light Master Lift & Tone with heat, for a 10-minute lightening service. Or use without heat and lift up to 6 levels in 50 minutes.

Love the look of Matrix Light Master? Well make sure you check out the full range on our website – including one of our favourites, Light Master 8 With Bonder.

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